Located about 300 kilometers southwest of the main Okinawan island.
Here you will find Miyakojima, with its expansive ocean filled with beautiful coral reef.
The Shigira Bayside Allamanda is a calm resort hotel surrounded by a multitude of spectacular flowers.
Hold a luxurious wedding here, in this place where the tale of goddess Shigira-hime was born,
a tale of love and joyous living.

The Allamanda Chapel
with Views of the Clearest Waters in the World, the Miyakojima Sea

Located on a hill near the Allamanda Shigira Bayside Suite Hotel.
Even on Miyakojima, a flat island formed of emerged coral reef, this hill offers gorgeous, expansive views right before your eyes.
Before the couple pledge their love publicly to one another, guests can enjoy spectacular views of the crystal-clear blue waters below.
Experience a joyous ceremony surrounded by the abundant greenery and blossoms of Miyakojima.

Stained Glass Featuring Tropical Plants and Flowers

The moment you open the chapel doors, your eyes will be drawn to the stained glass windows.
Made with plentiful handmade antique and art glass, the windows feature a creative and dreamy design.
This design incorporates lively Miyakojima plants as a central motif.
For example, bougainvillea, the flower of Miyakojima city, (or “passion” in floriography)
is used to create a flowery impression with antique glass made with gold.
With its simple interior, the space produces a solemn and elegant mood.
A wedding ceremony lit by the sparkling tropical light and surrounded by the blessings of friends and family.
Surely this will be a lifetime memory as the couple pledge their eternal love to one another.

926-25 Ueno Shinzato, Miyakojima-shi, Okinawa Allamanda Shigira Bayside Suite
15 minutes by car from Miyako Airport, with shuttle service from the airport tot he hotel (only for guests, reservation required)
Around 40 people
Chapel Aisle
10 meters in length, made of black and white marble
Allamanda Shigira Bayside Suite