June 2015
Following the island’s annual period of tropic moisture, the end of June brings the beginning of summer to Miyakojima’s white sand beaches. Cloudy skies open up to make way for a truly refreshing summer season in the Pacific’s most beautiful resort island.
Shigira beach
Have you ever dreamed of a tropical paradise where you can forget your worries to the lullaby of the gentle surf as the stresses of daily life in the city melt away? Dream no more! A mere three-hour flight from Tokyo, the white sandy beaches and azure sparkling waters of Miyakojima await.

With a yearly average temperature of 23 degrees(about 73 degrees), balmy Miyakojima is recognized as one of Japan’s most idyllic tropical resort locales. But for those not familiar with Japan’s southern island chain beyond the main island of Okinawa, it is also one of the world’s best-kept beach resort secrets. Whether your pastime is swimming, diving, kayaking, sunbathing or simply collecting shells in the warm Pacific breeze, you’ll find much to enjoy on these nine Miyakojima beaches.


“Miyakojima Paradise” Is more than Just a Phrase

Away from the hustle and bustle of major Okinawan cities, a visit to Miyakojima is a pleasant taste of paradise. A short hop away from the main Okinawa Island by plane, Miyakojima offers a relaxing escape amidst breathtaking scenery. Miyakojima’s pristine white beaches can be easily reached within 20 minutes of the airport, making it the clear choice for diving and snorkeling near Okinawa. Here are just a few things you can do to more fully enjoy your stay.
(Photo: Shigira beach)

When you think of a tropical island, it’s fair to say that steaming hot food isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. But on Miyakojima, one of the quintessential island dishes that simply cannot be missed when visiting is the freshly made, delectable Miyako Soba, or “Suba” as you are more likely to hear due to the island’s southern dialect.

There’s something quite remarkable about the taste of Miyako Soba even on a warm sunny day. Very similar to other island fare throughout the Pacific, locals swear that the added heat from the chili sauce helps keep the body cool in the summer. The simple, clean flavors are a genuine treat to the palate, and during your stay on Miyakojima, it may become an obsession to try as many bowls as you can, given the endless variations you will encounter as you crisscross your way through this wonderful little island.

Shigira beach
Have you ever dreamed of an idyllic paradise where your worries are forgotten with the lulling sound of crystal clear waters, and the stresses of the working day melt away as white sand trickles through your toes? What if you were to learn that such a heavenly paradise awaits with just a short plane ride away from Tokyo?