July 2015
July in Miyakojima is the perfect getaway for a truly summer vacation experience. With the rainy season 11 months away, and not a dark cloud on the horizon, you can enjoy Miyakojima's sunny days to your heart's content.
Miyakojima Keats Mango
Even among the many famous Okinawa mango varieties produced in Miyakojima, the Keats mango stands out above all the rest not only for its size and sweet, succulent flavor, but also for just how rare it is. Due both to its short harvesting period and the limited quantity available, this variety of Japanese mango is highly coveted and considered something of a “phantom” for mango lovers. Let's take a look at the Keats mango and discover just what makes it special.
Miyakojima’s Okinawa Beef
While Japan is certainly famous for sushi and other seafood, many parts of the country feature a delicacy that was often overlooked until recently: Premium Japanese beef. With its rich flavor that seems to charm the tongue, it is often given as a high-end present. Brand beef, highly prized locally for many years, has recently begun gaining an international following.

The prominence of Japanese beef has its origins with cattle raised in Kobe and Matsuzaka. Starting with the Kobe, Matsuzaka, and Omi brands, which are referred to as the three big brands of Japanese beef, over 200 brands of beef have been developed within Japan so far. The production of Japanese beef continues today in regions all over the country, with each taking advantage of local characteristics. Distinct types of beef have been created even in places where most people would least expect it, even Japan’s southernmost islands!

For example, this kind of brand beef is also the main local specialty in Okinawa. Having attained popularity after the Okinawa Summit in 2000, Ishigaki beef is already famous—but Miyako beef, which is the pride of Miyakojima, is also becoming more and more popular especially among tourists, who appreciate this fine meat for its combination of high-grade protein and surprisingly light and subtle flavor.
Higashi Henna Zaki
The cape of Higashi Henna Zaki is a long, narrow protrusion extending from Miyakojima, where the waves crash dramatically against the steep, jagged limestone cliffs. The ocean sparkles blue in contrast with the lush greenery of the cape and the limestone. At the tip of the cape is a picturesque white lighthouse, perfect for viewing the coral-dotted ocean panorama below. Smelling the salt-tang of the sea’s breeze and hearing the ocean waves bat against the cliffs like so much natural music, we think you’ll agree that just walking the cape is a feast for the senses. With its secluded location, captivating ocean views, and striking solitary lighthouse, Miyakojima’s Higashi Henna Zaki is a place not only to be seen, but to be fully experienced in all its wonder.

Swim with Sea Turtles in Miyakojima
Have you ever wanted to swim alongside a gentle sea turtle in pristine waters? If so, you should try snorkeling or diving in Okinawa. There are seven species of sea turtles in the world; of these, three nest in Okinawa and two more pass through Okinawan waters during their migrations. Furthermore, the water visibility in Okinawa is excellent, and there are many easy entry points for beginning snorkelers. These features, combined with shallow, temperate waters, make Okinawa one of the best places in the world for a chance to swim with sea turtles.