August 2015
Come August, Miyakojima’s summer season is in full swing! Particularly pleasant for avid snorkelers and divers, this month is a great time to explore the island’s undersea paradise.
Miyakojima Awamori
Anyone who takes a trip to Miyakojima, an island in southern Okinawa, can’t help but remember the breathtaking sights and sounds, not to mention the wonderful food. But while pictures can fade and sounds can become faint echoes, we can bring the tastes of our travels with us wherever we go; we just need that one small reminder, the perfect ingredient, to bring our culinary journeys to life once again. 

Let us explore the plethora of flavorful Okinawa souvenirs available in Miyakojima, which is rich in the blessings of nature and sea, from delectable local snacks to special tropical fruits and heavenly libations that you simply can’t get outside of Okinawa.
From tours featuring kayaking and snorkeling to island exploration or even leisurely cycling, our diverse island excursions and guided tours offer many ways to unlock the wonders of Miyakojima paradise. Our knowledgeable staff also instructs tour participants on equipment use and also offer various recommendations, ensuring that even those on their very first visit to Miyakojima will have a thoroughly enjoyable time.
Ryukyu no Kaze
Ryukyu no Kaze "Paikaji"(meaning "warm southerly winds" in the Okinawan dialect) located within the premises of Miyakojima Shigira Resort, is an open-air dining area with a distinctly Asian flavor. The high and elegant wooden ceilings will protect you from rain or sun while you savor a variety of Asian dishes, including the specialties of Miyakojima, in an open food-court style. Paikaji’s diverse menu, a highlight of the dining area, offers authentic dishes of Okinawa and Miyakojima such as Mozuku (seaweed vinegar), sea grapes, and Goya Chanpuru (Bitter Melon Stir Fry with Tofu and Egg). Ryukyu no Kaze “Paikaji” is a mecca of Miyakojima Cuisine and souvenirs that is sure to satisfy the senses.