September 2015
Even as summer turns to fall in September, you can still enjoy the ocean to your heart’s content.
Standup Paddleboarding
While most people come to Miyakojima to relax, it would be a shame to spend an entire trip just sipping cocktails. Shimmering seas and precious coral reefs await you—what better way to explore them then by jumping headlong into some marine sports? From Miyakojima diving to paddleboarding and even a few more extreme options like jetboat rides, here are some of the best sports that the island has to offer.
Miyakojima fruits
Okinawa fruit is a natural gift to anyone who eats it, no more so than on the southern island of Miyakojima. It may surprise you to know that, when it comes to the thing most locals love about living there, the stunning ocean beauty actually comes second to the gorgeous fruit. While mangoes are most notable, even bananas can be grown on Miyakojima; in fact, the subtropical climate makes it ideal for the cultivation of a virtual cornucopia of fruits. We would like to introduce just a few of the abundant options available on the island, in hopes that you’ll one day decide to taste the bounty of Okinawa fruit for yourself.
Cloudy sky
The island of Miyakojima, lying southwest of Okinawa, Japan, is a hidden treasure that is being uncovered by more and more curious tourists and adventurers every year. All of the island’s nature-kissed ingredients—sub-tropical weather, lounging, swimming and diving, golf and exotic island getaways both on and offshore—usually combine to create the perfect vacation. That said, occasionally Mother Nature tries to bring the best-laid plans to ruin—usually in the form of a typhoon! In this article we will illuminate the mystery surrounding typhoon risk and show you that it’s mostly nothing more than a myth—regardless of what the Miyakojima weather forecast has in store, you can follow our simple tips below and have your day in paradise.