October 2015
Even as summer turns to fall in October, you can still enjoy the ocean to your heart’s content.
Miyako Airport
If you are reading this article, you probably already know at least a little bit about Miyakojima, a heavenly tropical paradise that is part of Okinawa’s island chain; you may even be planning a visit! What you may not know is how easily accessible it actually is from Japan’s bustling Tokyo capitol, or how easy it is to get around once you arrive. From flying into Miyako Airport to shuttle, bus, bicycle and Miyakojima car rental services, we have the information to help you navigate smoothly during your trip.


Kurima Bridge
During your luxurious holiday on the Okinawan island of Miyakojima, you will surely want a snapshot (or one hundred!) for each of your happy memories. This heavenly setting will afford you many a stunning photographic opportunity, but if time is limited, you are going to want to know exactly where to go and when. Below we have chosen six sensational places, including Sunayama Beach, Maehama Beach and beyond, that are more than just favorites of Okinawa photography buffs; rather, they are wholly unique to Miyakojima itself.


#1: Imugya Marine Park (“Ingya”)