January 2016
The average January temperature in Miyakojima is 18 degrees celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit), making it just perfect for golf and other outdoor activities. However you choose to relax, we believe there is nothing better than gazing at the beautiful azure seas while doing it. Join us and find out for yourself!
Miyakojima Restaurants and Bars
From tours on land and sea to water sports, golfing, diving and much more, the daytime leisure possibilities on the breathtaking island of Miyakojima are endless--less easy is discovering what to do when the sun goes down. To truly savor the tastes and nightlife of Miyakojima, having the most up-to-date Information about high-quality eateries and watering holes is a must. These 7 Miyakojima restaurants and bars, culled from the finest the island has to offer, will each give you a great reason to stay up for the sunset--and toast to the night.