February 2016
Mid-February marks the end of winter and the coming of warmer temperatures in Miyakojima. Until things warm up, however, why not try some of the out-of-water activities that the island has to offer?
Best Beaches in Okinawa
The islands of Okinawa offer a diverse variety of breathtaking beaches, each providing opportunities for leisure and relaxation that are second to none. Many sandy beaches with gentle slopes and shallow water are easily accessible to children and families, while other rougher, deep-water beaches are better suited for intrepid marine adventurers. Some beaches are available for both public and private use, and most are perfect for BBQ events and parties. Here are 5 of the best beaches in Okinawa, each with an enchanting promise for everyone.


5 Best Beaches in Okinawa


Renaissance Beach (Okinawa Main Island)

Ueno German Culture Village

Okinawa Theme Park Parade: 4 Great Spots in Miyakojima

When thinking about how to take advantage of Miyakojima’s stunning natural bounty, activities such as snorkeling, diving, watersports, and island tours immediately come to mind. While Miyakojima certainly offers these opportunities in abundance, some may want to break from traditional tourist options and take a more “local” approach, learning about the island’s deep cultural heritage, cuisine and crafts while thoroughly enjoying themselves. Okinawa theme park options are surprising, not least on Miyakojima—simply get off the beach, get out of the water, and head to one of the island’s 4 theme parks and cultural facilities for a change!