May 2016
Best Okinawa Diving Spots
The breathtaking Japanese island chain of Okinawa is known as one of the greatest scuba diving destinations on earth. With underwater horizons featuring pristine coral reefs and countless other tropical wonders, the chain of islands stretching from Okinawa Honto to Yonagunijima boasts a tremendous diversity of dive sites suitable for divers of all levels of skill and experience. So throw on your scuba gear, jump in, and discover the best Okinawa diving spots for yourself.


Best Okinawa Diving from the Main Island to Miyakojima

Okinawa Food
For many epicurean travelers, no excursion is complete without the chance to seek out and sample the local cuisine. In Okinawa this is not merely an option, it’s an absolute must! While there is an incredible assortment of traditional dishes, each with its own local flavor, there are a few staples of Okinawa food culture that simply should not be missed. Discover these 9 unforgettable favorites during your next island excursion.