Miyakojima Snorkeling, Kayaking & More: Best Island Activities at Shigira Resort
27 August 2015
From tours featuring kayaking and snorkeling to island exploration or even leisurely cycling, our diverse island excursions and guided tours offer many ways to unlock the wonders of Miyakojima paradise. Our knowledgeable staff also instructs tour participants on equipment use and also offer various recommendations, ensuring that even those on their very first visit to Miyakojima will have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Miyakojima Snorkeling and Kayaking

This tour combines two popular activities on Miyakojima—sea kayaking and snorkeling. After everyone has assembled on Shigira Beach, we first give a presentation on how to row a kayak. Once you have learned how to handle the paddle, go ahead and challenge yourself in the shallows. You may feel a little awkward at first, but even beginners are soon able to move forward in a straight line. After exploring the sea in your kayak, you can next enjoy snorkeling. As Miyakojima snorkeling is a popular island pastime, our staff are seasoned veterans; they will dive right in with you, explaining everything they know about the tropical fish, coral reefs, and sea turtles, so that you can enjoy the sea of Miyakojima to the utmost. There are a wide range of other marine activities, including diving, that you will want to experience while you are here.
Cave in Miyakojima

The Discovery Tour

In this popular tour, catch a sweeping view of the captivating sea while traveling around the island in a wagon. During the drive, the staff will courteously point out fruits and plants that can only be found on the island, the graves of Miyakojima, and wells that are known as 'gaa.' One of the main highlights of the tour is Higashi Henna Zaki, a photo-spot with a lighthouse that contrasts hauntingly with the sea. Nakahara Limestone Cave is another spot that's bound to remain in your memory, both for its beauty and for temperatures so cool that you will forget you are in Okinawa. After you have had your fill of Miyakojima snorkeling, this tour offers a leisurely way to travel around and view the island sightseeing spots from ground level—without having to swim, of course.
Rent A Cycle

Cart & Bicycle Rentals

In addition to wagon tours, on Miyakojima you will glimpse many tourists moving about on rented carts or bicycles. These are handy for any number of activities, from traveling around the resort, visiting the cape for sunrise viewing, taking in the island flowers and plants, or simply cataloging your favorite sightseeing spots. Part of their appeal is that they allow you to go down alleys that have caught your attention and savor the sights in your own unique way, as free as the natural environment around you.
Miyakojima Resort Golf

Resort Golf

At Shigira Resort, you can enjoy a range of activities on a spacious 330-hectare site. Marine sports are the focus during the summer, but the lower temperatures of the winter months are actually the best time for golf. Because Miyakojima has an average annual temperature of 23.6℃, golf can be enjoyed to one's heart's content even in the middle of winter. Shigira Resort’s premiere golf course, called The Shigira Bay Country Club Golf Course, offers a view of the sea from every hole. While shaped by the natural beauty surrounding it, the professional-grade course is nonetheless expertly maintained all year round. Holes range in difficulty from the simple to the more advanced, providing a welcome respite and an invigorating challenge for beginners and veterans alike.

Please click here for a comprehensive Shigira Bay Country Club Golf Course map and other guided English information about resort golf at Shigira.
Shigira Ougon Onsen (Natural Hot Spring)

Miyakojima Paradise Found: Hot spring Facilities

The resort also features hot spring facilities, known as onsen, where you can feel free to relax and heal all of your aches and pains. Every day more than 800 tons of 50 °C(122F) water bubbles up for your pleasure directly from the natural source, a staggering 1,250 meters below Shigira Resort. There are a number of ways to enjoy this soothing water, from outdoor pools called “ro-tenburo” to a vast “jungle pool” where you can savor a dip while surrounded by flowers and greenery befitting this Miyakojima paradise.
More information on Shigira Resort activities can be found here. Please enjoy browsing through the many opportunities available. Whatever catches your eye, we hope that you follow it straight to the island—we look forward to seeing you someday soon!

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