Miyakojima Diving Just the Tip of the Wave for Marine Sports
30 September 2015
Standup Paddleboarding
While most people come to Miyakojima to relax, it would be a shame to spend an entire trip just sipping cocktails. Shimmering seas and precious coral reefs await you—what better way to explore them then by jumping headlong into some marine sports? From Miyakojima diving to paddleboarding and even a few more extreme options like jetboat rides, here are some of the best sports that the island has to offer.

Miyakojima Snorkeling

For snorkeling in particular there are tours tailored to the participant, from tours that beginners can easily join to more advanced private excursions. The "Yabiji", regarded as Japan's largest coral reef community, is the number one recommended place for snorkeling in the area and is definitely what makes Miyakojima snorkeling so special. Swimming around the diverse plethora of multi-sized coral reefs stretching offshore in the bright and sparkling water, you will truly feel at one with nature. A private snorkeling boat for two, which is of course popular with couples on the island, is also available for your pleasure.

Miyakojima Diving

Those hoping to take their adventure a bit deeper might try one of the popular snorkeling and trial diving tours around the mystical and thrilling "blue cave" along with other vibrant coral journeys. Dive in the sea and take a relaxing swim. Beginners are of course welcome, as guides will be very glad to show you how to dive. Whether it is your first time or not, you will leave understanding why Miyakojima diving is such a unique experience.
Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

If Miyakojima snorkeling and diving show you just a snapshot of the island’s surrounding seas, sea kayaking can give you the full picture. No one can launch their kayak from the pristine beach and into the endless aqua horizon without falling completely in love with Miyakojima. There are many different programs and depending on the tour, you can paddle out to the island of sand or immerse yourself in the hidden world inside a limestone cave. You can also enter the blue cave, popular for divers, on sea kayaks. With so many types of kayaks available, from single-person models to group kayaks, this Miyakojima activity is ideal for families and groups of any size. The best part of sea kayaking is that you can experience the full scope of Miyakojima's fabulous marine panorama with all your senses.
Standup Paddleboarding in Shigira Resort

Standup Paddleboarding (SUP)

The contemporary version of this sport probably has its origins in Hawaii, but for as long as there have been humans trying to find creative ways to cross the sea, there has no doubt been a variation of Standup Paddleboarding, or SUP. To get an idea what this sport is, simply imagine standing fully upright on a surfboard and using an extremely long paddle to propel yourself along. Neither as fast as surfing nor as close to the water as diving or snorkeling, standup paddleboarding affords you a grand view of both the sky above and the ocean below. Once you master the art of standing up and balancing on a floating board while steering it at the same time, you will be gliding smoothly through the water like a pro. Don’t worry; our staff will be there to assist. 

At Shigira Resort, you can enjoy each of the activities introduced above.
As you can see here, we have a wide range of activity plans from trials for beginners to ones for people who want to experience full immersion. Of course, there are some marine sport offerings outside of Shigira Resort that may be to your liking. Let’s take a look at some of the more adventurous Miyakojima marine sport options below.

Sea Scooter Snorkeling

Upon renting a sea scooter, you can shoot through the water as easily as an island fish—provided that you are holding onto the single-person jet scooter in front of you. Choose from several courses of varying length and breadth, from colorful fish-focused jaunts to sweeping panoramic reef viewings and even the chance to glimpse a friendly wayward sea turtle or two.

Jetboat & Jet Ski Options

If being propelled through the water via a personal propeller still hasn’t satisfied your taste for adventure, then consider chartering a jetboat. Powered by a jet of water pulled from behind or below the boat in lieu of a traditional propeller or motor, jetboats are known to be highly maneuverable even at fast speeds. Jet skis, another thrilling option, are also available on the island. Both offer you the chance to feel like a high-flying superspy—as long as you keep safety in mind at all times.
Whatever the preferred flavor of your marine adventure, we hope that you choose to experience it with us on Miyakojima.

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