4 Great Islands and Their Luxurious Okinawa Accommodations
8 May 2017
Photo by Vitorio Benedetti on flickr

Okinawa is trending for travel, not only for people interested in Japan but as a destination in its own right. Savvy travelers from all corners of the globe are planning trips to Okinawa and surrounding islands like Ishigakijima, Iriomotejima, Kohamajima and Miyakojima—each with fabulous food, deep traditions, and unparalleled luxury to match the subtropical setting. If you do decide to stay on one of these islands, your accommodation needs should reflect the kind of experience you want.  Are you a solo traveler looking for adventure? Are you planning a relaxing family vacation, or even a romantic getaway? Whatever your desires, Okinawa accommodation on those four islands ranges from the compact to the luxurious, each choice helping to make your tropical dreams a beautiful reality.


Okinawa Accommodation on 4 Popular Island Destinations


Ishigakijima may only be a single island in the Yaeyama island chain, but it holds treasures far beyond what you would expect. In addition to boasting some of Okinawa’s most popular beaches including Sunset Beach and Yonehara Beach, it also offers a host of great physical activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and mountain-climbing options on not one but two fabulous peaks. When it’s time to settle down for a bite after all the activity, treat yourself to top-notch cuisine such as delicious Yaeyama soba as well as several renowned sushi shops that are sure to make connoisseurs out of even the most land-based epicureans, not to mention a vibrant nightlife. For those who want to get in deep, there are also plenty of cultural opportunities in Ishigaki festivals especially during the O-bon season. Finally, Ishigakijima also provides a great access-point to the other islands.

Blue Cabin Ishigakijima
Blue Cabin Ishigakijima
Photo by Blue Cabin from RentByOwner.com

For a solo adventurer looking for a compact hotel with a touch of whimsy, the Blue Cabin Ishigakijima might be the perfect form of Okinawa accommodation. Located a short plane ride away from Miyakojima on Ishigakijima, Blue Cabin’s stylishly functional single rooms are designed to evoke the feeling of being on a cruise ship--perfect given the breathtaking island locale! In addition to its cruising cabin-inspired rooms, Blue Cabin features separate floors for male and female travelers, free WiFi throughout the building and a charming cafe for pastry, coffee and deli cuisines using Okinawan ingredients.




The ultimate antidote to a bustling urban sprawl, sparsely-populated Iriomotejima offers stunning opportunities for outdoor adventure. Glimpse cascading waterfalls, traverse the terrain inside Iriomote National Park, and paddle around in a kayak--all the better to get closer to your natural surroundings. Unique plants and animals abound, including the yamaneko, or Iriomote cat, which you just might meet on your journey. Also, don’t miss the coral reefs, shimmering jewels of nature just waiting to be discovered anew.

Hotel Nirakanai Iriomotejima
Nirakanai Iriomotejima
Photo by Nirakanai Iriomotejima

Because it provides both rugged adventure and luxury in one seamless package, Hotel Nirakanai Iriomotejima stands apart from other accommodation in Okinawa. Surrounded by a verdant jungle, gorgeous waterfalls and intriguing wildlife, this Miyakojima hotel creates a perfect family experience that is also wholly unique. You can take nature tours, hikes and cruises together before returning to your luxurious poolside lifestyle.




Kohamajima became famous as the setting of a popular Japanese drama called Churasan, which was actually set on the island and features some of its landmarks including an oldstyle house, located in the village of Kohama, called Kohagurasho. While this certainly still draws its share of Japanese tourists, travelers from other countries will be lured by the undeniably breathtaking scenery, made possible due to Kohamajima’s hilly and elevated terrain and the island’s central location. For a peerless view of the archipelago stretching off into the distance, try Chura-san’s point; if you want to see the entire island, there is no more ideal place than the viewpoint at Mount Ufudake, nearly 100 meters at its summit.

“Allamanda Kohamajima” and “Hotel Nirakanai Kohamajima”
Hotel Nirakanai Kohamajima
Photo by Hotel Nirakanai Kohamajima from Booking.com

Travelers staying on Kohamajima can experience sumptuous luxury twice over at both the Hotel Allamanda Kohamajima and the Hotel Nirakanai Kohamajima, located adjacent to one another and each offering their own piece of paradise. Among many other tantalizing amenities, the Hotel Allamanda Kohamajima features villas and is less than a minute from the gleaming white sand of an exclusive private beach. The Hotel Nirakanai Kohamajima right beside it features cottages surrounded by calming greenery and stellar ocean views.




Miyakojima is the crown jewel of the Okinawan archipelago, offering unsullied subtropical beauty unseen even on the main island itself. The water is crystal-clear due to lack of sediment, allowing for underwater experiences (including snorkeling with sea-turtles) that are second-to-none. Things are no less wondrous on land, with top-ranked beaches, romantic spots like the famous cape of Higashi Henna Zaki, and year-round opportunities to see the proud culture of Miyakojima come alive through various festivals and events. Finally the food and drink, from traditional Okinawan fare to Miyakojima specialties such as succulent Miyako Beef and locally-brewed rice liquor and beer, will surely keep you craving yet more time in paradise.

Wellness Villa Brisa
Wellness Villa Brisa
Photo by Wellness Villa Brisa from Booking.com

Miyakojima’s Wellness Villa Brisa, just one of four distinct Miyakojima hotels and luxury experiences offered by Shigira Resort, overlooks a world-famous coral reef and feels like a home away from home in paradise. All rooms are spacious, each one featuring a kitchenette, a washing machine, a microwave oven and many other necessities for traveling families and groups.


Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
Photo by Hotel Breeze Bay Marina

This family-friendly, coastal tower-style hotel, boasting a glorious ocean view from every room, allows guests of all types a range of exquisite opportunities both inside and surrounding the hotel, from private beach access to a natural hot spring and traditional Okinawan cuisine and dancing in an open-air setting.  The chance to observe teeming sea life from the comfort of a glass-bottom boat is just one of many nearby experiences that come highly recommended.


The Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA
Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA
Photo by Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA

The Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA on Miyakojima provides deluxe suite rooms. Lounge by the poolside, enjoy in-room beauty treatments, or take a golf cart excursion. As several canine friendly suits are available, you can even feel free to bring your dog. Embrace the many possibilities.


The Shigira
The Shigira
Photo by The Shigira

The most luxurious of the Shigira Resort’s Miyakojima hotels, simply called The Shigira, boasts ten villa-suites and provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With spectacular views, butler service and packages tailored to your personal interests, everything is designed to make your stay unforgettable.  Okinawa accommodation does not get better than this.



Finding Accommodation in Okinawa’s Yaeyama Islands is Just a First Step

Photo by Maruizio Mucciola on flickr

Of course, finding the best place to stay is only the first splash on a much larger journey. Given its popularity as a tourist destination, Okinawa accommodation in all budget ranges can be found throughout the islands. The best choice of where to stay reflects the type of travel and experience you desire. Exploration beyond your hotel room, no matter how luxurious, is simply a must. An entire archipelago of islands, with marine sports, world class golf courses, and unparalleled natural beauty, await your arrival.


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