Okinawa Golf Guide: 7 Reasons Miyako Golf is Great
19 November 2015
Resort Golf in Miyakojima, Okinawa
With its plethora of nature and marine activities, fabulous local delicacies and wonderful hospitality, the island of Miyakojima embodies the splendor of Okinawa. But while the taste of Miyako steak and the views from Cape Hennazaki are increasingly coveted by adventurers and leisure-seekers alike, Miyako golf is also a burgeoning pastime that is more than worth the price of plane and hotel fare to the island. From stunning scenery to tantalizing tastes and amenities, here are 7 reasons why Miyako golf is great.
Golf course

1) Miyako Golf Gives You Choices 

Some people love the consistency of constantly playing a single course while perfecting their game, while others find routine simply boring. To avoid the feeling of having hit your ball into a trap, Miyakojima has a total of 3 different 18-hole courses: Emerald Coast Golf Links, Ocean Links Miyakojima and Shigira Bay Country Club. If you love golf and nature, come and tee off at one or all of these epic greens.
Perfect Weather

2) Perfect Weather

Even when mainland Japan enters the cold autumn and winter months, golf in Okinawa never stops. The joy of playing natural holes in warm weather—a golfer’s ultimate respite—is just a short plane ride away. You might even say that the cold season is the prime time for Miyako golf.

3) Breathtaking Views

The weather may be gorgeous, but the majestic holes that showcase scenery from all over the island are an even better reason to take up Miyako golf. Stand on the green and watch sandy beaches, emerald green waters and azure skies spread out before your eyes—an entire world, reserved just for you. Enjoy the exhilaration of taking a swing while the sea breeze wafts against your face, gently encouraging your next putt. When it comes to golf in Okinawa, gorgeous views are simply par for the course.

4) Fascinating Holes

Whether reveling in the rich variety of the over-sea course at Emerald Coast Golf Links or gazing at the grand view of the East China Sea from the green at Ocean Links Miyakojima, you simply can’t go wrong. For a truly global perspective, choose The Shigira Bay Country Club, the only Miyako golf course where the ocean can be seen from every hole. The course’s holes are through-holes fit for a tropical paradise and each is well thought out in a way that tests the abilities of the discerning golfer. Shigira’s course is great for all golf lovers, both beginners and veterans alike. Whichever course you fancy, nature’s untamed wildness comes together with the manicured perfection of each one, creating a special synergy that you won’t soon forget.

5) Post-Golfing Bath & Relaxation

Each one of these courses is suitably equipped to soothe both your muscles and your soul after an invigorating game of golf. Ocean Links has a large public bath from which you can overlook the beautiful indigo ocean. The facility also offers shower rooms, a locker room, and a grooming space where everything is immaculately kept. The facility is not limited to golfers, but is open to anybody who would like to use it to refresh from the day’s activities. Emerald Coast also boasts a large public bath, also complete with a stunning sea vista.  

With its combined golf and lodging plan, Shigira Bay takes this commitment to relaxation even farther. The hotel boasts an outdoor pool, allowing guests to slip out for a relaxing swim or lounge by the water between golfing rounds. Guests staying in the first-class suite have access to a room with a private pool. For those who prefer laying in the lap of luxury to swimming in it, there are also full spa treatments that can be brought to you right in the comfort of your room. These indulgences use oils indigenous to Miyakojima and are sure to leave your face and body feeling silky smooth. Be careful in timing your spa treatment, though—when all is said and done, you may not feel like returning to the green!
Shigira Ougon Onsen (Natural Hot Spring)

6) Hot Springs

In addition to its fabulous man-made bathing spots, Shigira Resort is also host to Japan’s southernmost hot spring, Ougon Hot Spring. Also known as the Shigira Golden Hot Spring due to its extraordinarily clear, sparkling water, this must-try relaxation experience is actually several in one: baths affording sweeping panoramic views, baths in the midst of quaint garden settings, and even a “jungle pool,” the charms of which you will simply have to experience for yourself. As the hot spring is actually located inside the Shigira Resort and is only about 5 minutes by car away from the golf course, it provides the perfect place to recharge your tired body and mind after a round of golf.
Okinawan Foods

7) Gourmet Food

At Ocean Links’ restaurant, come for the homey local atmosphere and food—and stay for the views. The entire restaurant is surrounded by windows; making it possible for diners to take in the ocean vista while eating. Higashi Hennazaki Cape, which has been designated as one of the 100 most beautiful locations in Japan, can also be seen from this restaurant. The Emerald Coast clubhouse and restaurant offer fine food and golf course views that are impressive in themselves, but the real attraction is the facility’s Ryu-kyu architectural style, adding an exotic touch wholly reflective of Miyakojima.   

Because Shigira Bay Country Club combines golf with full-on resort facilities, the sheer number of restaurants is worth noting: Shigira Resort houses a grand total of 15 diverse cafes and restaurants serving teppanyaki and other creative Okinawan cuisine. How about having your fill of Miyako beef, tropical fruit and specially-made island brew (Awamori) after a round of golf? Your precious travel memories will become even better on a full stomach.

Shigira Bay Country Club

Great Okinawa Golf Begins on Miyakojima

As you can see, Miyako golf courses are packed full of delights found nowhere else. Each golf course is totally unique, allowing you can choose the perfect green fit for your golf sense and skill level. If you love variety and relish the chance to try your hand at an over-sea course, try Emerald Coast Golf Links; at Ocean Links Miyakojima, soak in the picturesque wonders of the East China Sea. Finally, find yourself near and dear to Miyakojima’s Shigira Beach and feel the ocean’s salty tang all around you at Shigira Bay Country Club.

Whether you choose to golf away and stay in a separate facility, or take advantage of Shigira Resort’s more holistic golf-and-leisure approach allowing for play right after check-in, you are bound to have a fascinating time in paradise. Take a swing at any one of these 3 intriguing 18-hole courses—and get a hole in one!


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