Miyakojima, the Perfect Okinawa Honeymoon Destination
29 March 2017
While every newlywed couple has their own ideas about the perfect honeymoon, most would find it hard to resist the allure of unspoiled sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in a gentle ocean breeze—a splendor epitomized by Japan’s southernmost island chain. Whether you and your new partner seek a sporty adventure or prefer a more leisurely kind of honeymoon in Okinawa, there is no better place in the archipelago than Miyakojima. From sports and leisure to food and where to stay, here are some great suggestions to help you plan your ideal Okinawa honeymoon and realize your tropical dreams.


Okinawa Honeymoon Ideas for Active Couples

Marine Sports
If taking an Okinawa honeymoon means getting wet, you and yours are in luck. Miyakojima offers a full assortment of marine sports. You can start off by taking a sea kayak on a brief excursion out to coral mounds or sandy islands just off shore. Or, if you prefer to stand while you row, you can rent a paddle board and enjoy a similar adventure with a more commanding view. Couples who want to get right in the water can snorkel over abundant coral reefs heaving with lively tropical fish, or take out personal sea-scooters and propel them along the surface for a more supercharged experience. And if even those scooters aren’t fast enough, couples can go skimming across the waves at high speed on jet-skis. For those who prefer to let someone else do the driving while they soak in the sights, there’s always the option to charter a jet boat for a tour of the coast.

Exotic Diving Spots
Honeymooners who want to get up close and personal with the fish can book a scuba excursion to some of the most exotic dive sites in all of Japan, including a famous underwater dome named ‘Gakeshita” or a cavern deep in the cobalt waters known as Satan’s Palace due to the unique shape of its inlet. Divers should also be certain to keep an eye out for some of the sea turtles known to frequent Miyakojima waters.

On days when you and your partner feel like staying high and dry, there are plenty of sporty pursuits to enjoy on land. Couple can rent bicycles, go on nature hikes, or, if golf is the hobby of choice, challenge the fairways of some of the most picturesque courses in all of Japan.


Okinawa Honeymoon Ideas for Leisurely Couples

Beaches & Hot Springs
Of course, not all couples are looking for sports-oriented adventures. Those who prefer a more relaxed Okinawa honeymoon itinerary can engage in any number of romantic pastimes, including walks in the gentle surf on one of Miyakojima’s immaculate natural beaches, taking pictures at sunset, or soaking in a natural hot spring amid tropical flowers in a jungle paradise.

Romantic Destinations
One of the most romantic destinations on Miyakojima is the cape of Higashi Henna Zaki, a lengthy narrow peninsula jutting out to sea from the island’s southeast coast. Take a postcard-perfect photo at the bottom of a rustic white lighthouse or gaze seaward as rolling waves crash against the craggy limestone cliffs, sending salty white froth skyward.

Picture-perfect Views
For couples who like pictures, Higashi Henna Zaki is only the beginning. There are no shortage of word-class romantic photo opportunities on Miyakojima. From the ever-popular limestone arch on Sunayama Beach to the sparkling waters of Imugya Marine Park, shutterbugs can enjoy lush tropical greenery, alabaster sands and endless sapphire skies as they hunt for lifelong memories to capture on film.

Of course, Okinawa honeymoon memories are about more than just photos.  Those on the lookout for a piece of Miyakojima to take back home can shop at one of the island’s many gift outlets for souvenirs.  Honeymooners searching for authentic cultural relics can buy placemats, coasters and other household items woven in traditional Miyakojima jofu patterns, while couples wanting less costly treasures can opt for confectionaries like chinsuko, locally brewed Awamori alcohol or local craft products like shisa lions.


Luxurious Places to Stay & Dine

Allamanda Shigira Bayside Suite
A honeymoon in Okinawa should be more than a tropical getaway—newlyweds should expect nothing less than the ultimate in luxury accommodation, an expectation perfectly met in the Allamanda Shigira Bayside Suite. Perched beside cobalt-blue waters and close to spectacular coral reefs, the Allamanda is one of the largest seaside resorts of its kind in Japan. A collection of deluxe suites, some of which even boast their very own private pools, the Allamanda radiates island charm and delivers the very best Okinawan hospitality. One feature that makes the Allamanda unique is that couples with dogs can book animal-friendly suites in which their four-legged loved ones are treated to the same level of luxury as their newlywed owners. There is even an exquisitely appointed wedding chapel on site, making it possible for couples to take their vows in the lap of opulent splendor.

Besides its spacious suites, private pools and unique amenities, the Allamanda is known for its collection of fine restaurants catering to a wide variety of tastes. Culinary choices range from top-tier dining to more laid-back offerings. Couples in search of the caress of a romantic ocean breeze can dine at the open-air restaurant Ryukyu no Kaze (which means “wind of Okinawa,”), famous for its authentic Okinawan cuisine and live performances of traditional music.

The Shigira
It is important to note that not all of the best restaurants are inside Allamanda. The Shigira, Nansei Rakuen’s premiere luxury resort topping even the splendor offered above, is home to Ryuguen, famous for serving some of the finest Miyakojima Beef on the island. Okinawa honeymooners who desire a true taste of this local delicacy can order some of the exquisitely textured beef, which is said by some to rival the better-known offerings from Kobe. The gentle, layered flavor of Miyako Beef is thought to reflect the diversity of the island itself, with a distinctive aftertaste that reminds one of its close association with the sea. Served with a side of locally sourced seafood and vegetables, Miyako Beef at Ryuguen is considered by many to be one of the greatest meals anywhere on Miyakojima.

Of course, Ryuguen is only the start of what The Shigira has to offer. With ten private villas designed to fulfill the desires of couples in search of unmatched luxury, The Shigira is known for its lavish inclusive packages, which may include unlimited golf at The Shigira Bay Country Club, sumptuous dinners prepared by the master chefs at any of the Hotel’s restaurants and daily in-room beauty treatments or breakfast each morning brought right to your room by your personal butler.  In addition to the ever-popular sunset cruises, The Shigira also offers fruit and flower service delivered to your suite on demand, your very own cart to get around in, use of private cabanas on Shigira Beach and a free minibar stocked with selections for guests with discriminating tastes. Without a doubt, The Shigira offers the most extravagant hotel experience available on Miyakojima.


For the Ideal Honeymoon in Okinawa, Miyakojima is the Place

With its gleaming sands, indigo waters and endless skies, Miyakojima is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations imaginable. While couples with the most discerning tastes can surround themselves with the supreme luxury of Allamanda or The Shigira, there are also many other choices on the island, including Hotel Breeze Bay Marina, or Wellness Villa Brisa. Couples interested in a jaunt to Iriomotejima can stay at the acclaimed Hotel Nirakanai, an oasis of peaceful tranquility amid a natural tropical paradise.  But, one genuine word of warning. Your stay at any of these hotels will be so splendid that you and your beloved simply won’t want to leave!


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