Company profile

Company name
Nansei Rakuen Resorts Co., Ltd.
Head office
775-1 Uenomiyaguni Miyakojima-City Okinawa 906-0203 Japan
April 2019 (company split from UNIMAT PRECIOUS Co., Ltd.)
100,000,000 yen
Business activities
Operation of resort hotels and related facilities
Facilities operated
An inspirational resort offering the very best in quality
TEL: +8192-687-5294
1405-3 Uenoshinzato, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa, 906-0202 Japan

April 2013: Hotel opens

Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda
A premium, private resort that promises satisfying relaxation and gratification
TEL: +8192-687-5294
926-25 Uenoshinzato, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa, 906-0202 Japan

July 2005: Hotel opens
August 2008: Premiere Guest House opens
December 2008: Pool Villa Royal Suite opens
April 2009: Pool Villa Lagoon Suite opens

Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
A hotel surrounded by the beautiful coral reefs, ocean waters, and bountiful nature of Miyakojima
784-1 Uenomiyaguni,Miyakojima-city, Okinawa, 906-0203 Japan
TEL: +8192-687-5294

July 1993: Hotel opens
July 2009: Tower Building opens

Wellness Villa Brisa
An extended stay condo hotel with stunning views of the "Miyako blue" ocean waters
746-20 Uenomiyaguni, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa, 906-0203 Japan
TEL: +8192-687-5294

November 1998: Hotel opens

Allamanda Imgya Coral Village
A bright space full of playfulness with loft with all rooms gathered up with modern and casual furniture
542 Gusukubetomori, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa, 906-0107 Japan
TEL: +8192-687-5294

July 2017: Hotel opens

Breeze Bay Ocean (previously Hotel Seabreeze Casual)
Casually pleasant resort hotel
974-3 Uenomiyaguni, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa, 906-0203 Japan
TEL: +8192-687-5294

November 2017: Hotel opens

Hotel Shigira Mirage
“Gateway to paradise on earth—an invitation to an azure world with the unsurpassed beauty.”
1405-201 Uenomiyaguni, Miyakojima-City, Okinawa, 906-0202 Japan

Opening on April 2019