he Miyako Group of the Ryukyu Islands consists of 8 islands centering around the core island named Miyakojima. Miyakojima is the fourth largest island in Okinawa prefecture with a 100 km long coastal line. It is well known for its beautiful clear ocean and untouched nature.
Unlike the Okinawa main island it is not overrun with tourists and therefore a perfect getaway for people who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation away from the daily hustle and bustle. Compared to Okinawa Miyakojima has its own unique flair that will make your holiday truly unforgettable.
Dive into Japan's most beautiful ocean
Miyakojima is famous for its clear blue ocean which is said to be the most beautiful in Japan and for its white sandy beaches which rank on #4 among the Top 20 beaches in Japan. No wonder that Miyakojima attracts visitors from all over the globe!
Relax in your own private pool
You can relax and refresh in your own private pool at the Shigira resort whenever you want.
Play golf on the ocean view golf course
Improve your golf game while listening to the sound of waves and enjoying the ocean view and the beautiful tropical flowers surrounding you.

Swim with sea turtles Ever wanted to swim with friendly sea turtles? You can do so in Miyakojima, one of the few places in the world where you can make this unique experience!
Enjoy the famous Miyako beef Enjoy the famous and high-quality Miyako beef with its tender texture that feels like it is melting in your mouth.
Refresh at the resort spa Recharge your batteries while enjoying several wellness treatments with Miyakojima-famous shell flower oil in the resort spa.

Indulge in the rich variety of seafood Miyakojima is famous for its seafood cuisine and invites you to try the best and freshest seafood you have ever tasted.
Relax in Japan's most southern hot spring Take a break to comfortably soak in the Shigira Ougon Onsen, Japan's most southern hot spring. You can also enjoy a swim in the Jungle Pool that uses hot spring water. (The Jungle Pool requires swimwear.)
Gaze at the starry night sky Miyakojima is well known for its starry sky and one of the prime locations when it comes to topnotch stargazing.
Enjoy traditional Okinawan music Explore the soul of Okinawan traditional music which borrows elements from Japanese and Chinese music and creates an unique islandish harmony.

Miyakojima is a secluded island with a rich nature and a mild climate all year round.
Miyakojima's ocean is the clearest one in JapanThe ocean that surrounds Miyakojima is the most beautiful and clearest ocean in Japan. Do you know why? The secret lies in the foundation of the island. Miyakojima is made up of limestone and by having no high mountains or rivers there is no way that the soil of the land gets into the sea. So, no matter whether you want to swim, snorkel or dive, the transparent blue water welcomes everyone. The enthusiastic diver can find several spectacular diving spots and explore beautiful coral reefs, arches, caves, tunnels, rocks and get to know the oceans inhabitants such as puffer fish, anemone fish, porcupine fish.
Healthy and rich local cuisineMiyakojima cuisine is one of a kind and a real treat for everyone. Goya or Luffa Champuru (stir fry dish), Miyako Soba (its soup base differs from the Okinawan one), and Miyako beef steak or yakiniku (grilled meat) are the most famous dishes originating from Miyakojima. But also seafood, lobster, mozuku (a type of seaweed) and umibudo (sea grapes) are a staple in Miyakojima cuisine. If you love exotic fruits, then you can enjoy a rich variety of fresh tropical fruits such as Mango and Papaya. There is also a special salt called "Yukishio" (snow salt) that can be found on Miyakojima only. And last but not least there is the famous Awamori which is an alcoholic beverage unique to Okinawa, made of long grain indica rice. There are seven breweries on Miyakojima and each one has its own distinct flavor. Be sure to try them all!
Stress-relieving lush natureUntouched and lush greenery, a clear ocean and a rich flora and fauna are inviting you to relax and explore. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and become one with the beautiful and divine nature. The summer in Miyakojima is long and you can enjoy water sports and swimming from April until October. In June the temperature climbs over 30 °C but a steady and light sea breeze regulates the heat very well. January and February are the coldest months with a pleasant average of 18 °C which makes Miyakojima a popular destination in winter as well.

Miyakojima has a yearly temperature average of 23.6°C
Take advantage of the mild climate by swimming and diving in summer and playing golf in winter.
Miyakojima has a yearly temperature average of 23.6°C
How to access Miyakojima
From Tokyo by plane 3 hours, from Naha only 50 minutes.
From Tokyo's Haneda airport it takes around 3 hours to reach Miyakojima.
From Naha airport in Okinawa it takes around 50 minutes to reach Miyakojima.
From Ishigaki airport it takes around 30 minutes to reach Miyakojima.

Did you know about this fact?It is actually faster to reach Miyakojima instead of a resort area on the Okinawa main island.
Did you know that it takes over one hour by car to reach a beach resort on the main island from Naha airport? If you chose to go to Miyakojima you will only need 50 minutes by plane from Naha airport, so you actually can save precious time. Also, compared to the main island of Okinawa there are fewer tourists in Miyakojima which makes it a secret and secluded spot perfect for relaxation and romantic getaways.
Also even if you live in Japan you can take advantage of buying duty-free goods at Naha airport, with one condition that you will fly to another prefecture from Okinawa.
How about spending some quality time in the Shigira Resort?
Relax in Japan's leading beach resort located on Miyakojima
  • A bird's-eye view of the resort
  • Shigira Beach in our resort
  • Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA Pool Villa Royal Suite
  • Shigira Resort panoramic view
Shigira Resort
The Shigira Resort is located on the southern coast of Miyakojima and offers a breathtaking ocean view surrounded by lush nature. The resort offers accommodation suitable for every need. The Shigira offers all-inclusive luxury suites, the Allamanda is an all-suite resort, the Hotel Breeze Bay Marina caters to families with children, and the WELLNESS VILLA BRISA is suitable for extended stays. Furthermore a golf course, spa, hot springs, a private beach and various hotel restaurants are waiting for you. Access them easily by using a shuttle bus or a cart. Enjoy a rich variety of food such as Japanese, Western, Italian, Sushi, Chinese, Teppanyaki, BBQ, and local cuisine. As Shigira Beach is a private beach you can relax and enjoy your own secluded paradise away from the hectic and busy daily routine. By lodging in the Shigira Resort by Shigira Resort your stay in Miyakojima will become an unforgettable experience.

Shigira Resort Features
Vast area of approx.3.3 million square meters Shigira Resort owns a large area measuring approximately 3.3 million square meters and offers a number of facilities for its guests.
Private space for relaxation Sit back, relax and enjoy your own secluded piece of paradise.

Photo:Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA

(Pool Villa Royal Suite)

A variety of tasty dishesTreat your palate with delectable local dishes and international cuisine.

Photo:Maralunga Japanese-Okinawan

creative cuisine

Outdoor activitiesEnjoy the rich nature Miyakojima has to offer. Go diving, swim with sea turtles, take a walk along the beach, play golf, ride the Segway or take a relaxing bath in the hot spring.

Please choose the accommodation that suits your needs
An inspirational resort offering the very best in quality
Recommended Points
With ten villa suites perched on the Shigira headland, an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits at The Shigira, offering the most spectacular views of all the resorts along the southern coast of Miyakojima.
Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda
Indulge yourself
at our All-Suite Luxury Resort!
Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda
Recommended Points
At Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda, every last room is an elegant suite that guarantees a private, luxurious atmosphere – and an unforgettable stay.

Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
Our Casual seaside getaway is
perfect for trips with family or friends!
Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
Recommended Points
Traveling with friends or family? Make a reservation at Hotel Breeze Bay Marina, where every room in the Tower Building offers a stunning view of the Miyakojima waters and the wide array of activities ensures a fun-filled stay.
Our Extended-Stay Condos can be
your home away from home on Miyakojima!
Recommended Points
A popular condo hotel for long-term stays, WELLNESS VILLA BRISA puts comfort first, setting a relaxing tone with soothing panoramas of world-famous coral reefs.