Only a three-hour direct flight from Tokyo, Shigira Bay Country Club in Miyakojima is home to one of the best golf courses in Japan, which sits alongside picturesque views of Okinawa’s seaside landscape. The professional-grade resort golf course offers an incredible playing environment that provides challenging opportunities for beginners and masters alike.
Take advantage of Miyakojima’s pleasantly mild climateMiyakojima’s mild climate, which annually averages around 23.6 °C, offers year-round opportunities for golfing in one of the world’s most relaxing locales. In particular, autumn and winter offer optimal conditions for enjoying a relaxing time on the course, while allowing you to escape from the brisk temperatures back home.
Seaside views from tee off to the 18th holeEnjoy the gentle sea breeze as you stroll along the greens of a one-of-a-kind golf resort that offers breathtaking scenery from every hole.
Stress-free access to a professional-grade resort golf courseBecause of Miyakojima’s easy accessibility, stepping on the golf course couldn’t be any simpler. And when staying at Shigira Resort, an amazing day of golfing at Shigira Bay Country Club is right at your room’s doorstep—so step out, take a deep breath of refreshing sea air, and swing away!

The 18 holes strategically placed throughout the course, contour the greens, offering satisfying playability for all levels. In particular, the 11th hole provides players with a daring drive toward the majestic ocean; and the 12th hole, which includes one of the course’s two main water hazards, tests even the most experienced player’s skills.
Shigira Bay Country Club—A Step above the Rest
Golf club rentals available
Only golf resort in Miyakojima that permits golf carts on the fairway
Resort spa, dining options, and beach-side lounging
Twosome special offer from April to November

Shigira Bay Country Club’s 18-Hole Course
  • HOLE 1
  • HOLE 2
  • HOLE 3
  • HOLE 4
  • HOLE 5
  • HOLE 6
  • HOLE 7
  • HOLE 8
  • HOLE 9
  • HOLE 10
  • HOLE 11
  • HOLE 12
  • HOLE 13
  • HOLE 14
  • HOLE 15
  • HOLE 16
  • HOLE 17
  • HOLE 18
Front Nine
Hole Yardage Par
1 470 5
2 325 4
3 330 4
4 170 3
5 535 5
6 375 4
7 200 3
8 300 4
9 395 4
Total 3100 36
Back Nine
Hole Yardage Par
10 470 5
11 375 4
12 460 4
13 160 3
14 410 4
15 390 4
16 340 4
17 220 3
18 325 4
Total 3150 35
Shigira Bay Country Club
1264 Uenoshinzato, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa
TEL 0980-76-3939
Contact us
Shigira Bay Country Club
TOTAL 6,250yards Par71 18Hole

Shigira Bay Country Club Service Information
The clubhouse features a banquet room, retail shop, shower room, and restaurant, which sources local ingredients within Miyakojima. It is highly recommended that you experience the country club’s take on Miyakojima’s rich local cuisine at least once during your stay.
Natural Hot Spring
Take advantage of The Shigira’s seaside view, and relieve muscle fatigue after a hard day of playing golf by submersing yourself in the relaxing golden water of Japan’s southernmost natural hot spring resort. And if you want to end your day in quiet meditation, then look no further than the special rooms offering private open-air hot spring baths.
Resort Spa
The Shigira Resort’s luxury beauty spa offers rejuvenating facial treatments with products by Swiss Perfection and body treatments that incorporate natural and organic ingredients unique to Miyakojima, such as local herbs, alpinias, and Okinawa limes.


The Shigira Resort, home of the Shigira Bay Country Club, strives to meet the needs of all customers, including spacious luxury suites and rooms with private pools.

Photo:Shigira Bayside Suite ALLAMANDA

The Shigira Resort—Where Okinawa and golf meet
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Take advantage of Miyakojima’s pleasantly mild climate
With ten villa suites perched on the Shigira headland, an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits at The Shigira, offering the most spectacular views of all the resorts along the southern coast of Miyakojima.
The Shigira is an all-inclusive resort where you can enjoy golf to your heart's content.
All-Inclusive Stay Plan
Golf Enthusiast Resort Package
Unlimited plays at our exclusive Shigira Bay Country Club golf course, one complimentary in-room spa treatment per day, free access to our natural hot spring and beach cabanas, Segway rides, and complimentary breakfasts, dinners, fruit and cocktail service, and minibar, and Wi-Fi. Book now

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Seaside views from tee off to the 18th hole
At Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda, every last room is an elegant suite that guarantees a private, luxurious atmosphere – and an unforgettable stay.
Golf Enthusiast Resort Package
Golf Enthusiast Resort Package
Shigira Bay Country Club—A golfer’s paradise in the heart of Miyakojima’s natural beauty.
Included: One play per day; complimentary breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi, and airport shuttle service; discount at natural hot springBook now

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Stress-free access to a professional-grade resort golf course
Traveling with friends or family? Make a reservation at Hotel Breeze Bay Marina, where every room in the Tower Building offers a stunning view of the Miyakojima waters and the wide array of activities ensures a fun-filled stay.
Golf Enthusiast Resort Package
Golf Enthusiast Resort Package
Shigira Bay Country Club—A golfer’s paradise in the heart of Miyakojima’s natural beauty.
Included: One play per day; complimentary breakfast buffet, Wi-Fi, and airport shuttle service; discount at natural hot springBook now

How to access Miyakojima
From Tokyo by plane 3 hours, from Naha only 50 minutes.
From Tokyo's Haneda airport it takes around 3 hours to reach Miyakojima.
From Naha airport in Okinawa it takes around 50 minutes to reach Miyakojima.
From Ishigaki airport it takes around 30 minutes to reach Miyakojima.

Did you know about this fact?It is actually faster to reach Miyakojima instead of a resort area on the Okinawa main island.
Did you know that it takes over one hour by car to reach a beach resort on the main island from Naha airport? If you chose to go to Miyakojima you will only need 50 minutes by plane from Naha airport, so you actually can save precious time. Also, compared to the main island of Okinawa there are fewer tourists in Miyakojima which makes it a secret and secluded spot perfect for relaxation and romantic getaways.
Also even if you live in Japan you can take advantage of buying duty-free goods at Naha airport, with one condition that you will fly to another prefecture from Okinawa.