Make your way to an expansive resort that combines a gorgeous natural environment with luxurious sophistication

We launched our resort business in 1993 in hopes of creating a "resort city" that exists in harmony with nature. Sprawling across the southern shores of tropical Miyakojima is our Shigira Resort(Nansei Rakuen), a place blessed with an abundance of crystal-clear waters and warm weather year round. We are always improving our accommodations, facilities, and services as we work to maintain an unobtrusive, symbiotic relationship between the lush natural settings and a luxurious environment for our guests.
Believe us – your stay at Shigira Resort is sure to be an unforgettable combination of sublime natural beauty and sophisticated luxury.

Step into a paradise of flowers

To help underscore Miyakojima's tropical, luxurious natural surroundings, the resort boasts over 250 species of plants and trees. The luscious greens and vivid floral surroundings will make your time at Shigira Resort eminently relaxing and delightful.

Feel the power of life around you

The abundant wildlife on Miyakojima is about more than just the plants and flowers, though – just look around and see the wild ducks ambling around the grounds, butterflies dancing in the air, dragonflies zooming high and low, and sea turtles swimming gracefully in the lagoon. Spent amongst the myriad natural species that inhabit the island, your stay is bound to be the source of many unforgettable experiences.

Get the most out of your time at the resort with an extensive array of facilities

Every traveler has different needs – that's why the resort offers such a wide range of accommodations, diverse restaurants, and other attractions. With natural hot springs, golf courses, gorgeous beaches, and dynamic ocean waters that reveal a different complexion every day, there will always be something new for you to see and do on Miyakojima – no matter how long you stay or how often you visit.

Miyakojima – a tropical paradise that enraptures every visitor

The first thing that you'll notice about Miyakojima, a coral reef island located 300 km southwest of the main island of Okinawa, is the beautiful ocean. Stretching toward the horizon in gentle, gorgeous blue waves, the waters have become a mecca for divers from around the world. Miyakojima is also famous for its environmental efforts, including wind power installations that take advantage of the climate and terrain conditions. The five surrounding islands – Ikemajima, Irabujima, Shimojishima, Kurimajima, and Ogamijima – also have their own unique features. Ikemajima and Kurimajima are even linked together by a bridge that makes a fine vantage point for phenomenal photo opportunities. All in all, the nature, food, traditions, and people of Miyakojima combine to form an alluring paradise that our guests never forget.

Behold some of the most beautiful ocean waters in the world

The waters surrounding Miyakojima are so unbelievably clear that you don't even have to leave your spot on the beach to see the tropical fish swimming around. The "Miyako blue" hue of the ocean takes on different shades as the day goes by, creating wonderfully expressive seascapes.

Why do Okinawans live such long, full lives? Taste the answer for yourself

Okinawa cuisine developed around the concept that daily diet is just as important to a healthy body as good medicine. Not only is the Okinawan repertoire a font of wisdom about how to find a good dietary balance, but it's also full of tasty dishes that use Okinawan ingredients like goya (bitter melon), vitamin-rich vegetables, "sea grapes" (a form of seaweed), and shima tofu (Okinawan tofu).

Meet the wonderful people of Miyakojima

The people that live on Miyakojima may be a bit on the shy side, but you'll quickly see how warmhearted and kind they are. Travelers, enraptured by the genial people and incredible nature of this sublime paradise, just keep coming back to Miyakojima – and some even make it a new home. As you try your hand at local arts and crafts and experience the surroundings firsthand through a wide variety of different leisure activities, we hope you take the chance to meet and interact with the wonderful people of Miyakojima.

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