Make Miyakojima your home away from home

Wellness Villa Brisa, which overlooks a world-famous coral reef, is the perfect place to find your tropical home away from home. All rooms feature a kitchenette, washing machine and microwave oven. We have Western twin rooms as well as Japanese/Western rooms that include a Japanese tatami room and Japanese-style futons for you to rest on. Enjoy yoga while taking in the natural environment around you, or go for a walk along the seaside. Want to take it slow and let the beautiful air, pristine waters, and leisurely environment of Miyakojima really sink in? Make your reservation at Wellness Villa Brisa today.

Features of Wellness Villa Brisa

Get the full resort experience for less

Guests just keep coming back for extended stays at this fantastic hotel, taking advantage of the excellent diving, golf, and sightseeing opportunities nearby – as well as the affordable room rates.

Enjoy everything the resort has to offer

At Wellness Villa Brisa, guests have access to all the services and facilities that the resort offers. Hot springs, golf outings, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, eco tours, field activities, restaurant reservations, you name it – the resort has what you're looking for.

Indulge in resort relaxation and at-home comfort - the best of both worlds

With kitchen facilities, tableware, and a wealth of other basic daily items at your disposal, your room will start feeling like home in no time.

Treat yourself to amazing views of the ocean from an unbeatable location

When you make your way to Wellness Villa Brisa, make sure you're ready for the views that await – the dazzling panoramas of the ocean, just a few steps away, are just that phenomenal. Situated on a tranquil coast and only a short drive from a major supermarket, the hotel is in a truly prime location.

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Guest roomsRoom Rates

Wellness Villa Brisa offers Japanese-style and Western-style rooms in four different room types.

  • Please note that guests cannot specify a certain view when choosing a room.
  • Smoking in the rooms is forbidden (allowed on the balcony only).
  • The rooms have free Wi-Fi.
A1 (Western-style)
Twin room The bed size is 1100 x 1950
A2 (Japanese/Western-style)
Includes an approximately 7.29- m2 tatami room
B (Japanese/Western-style)
Features an approximately 19.44-m2 living room and an approximately 9.72-m2 tatami room
C (Japanese/Western-style)
Features an approximately 24.3-m2 living room and an approximately 12.96-m2 tatami room
All rooms feature a kitchenette, washing machine and balcony
  • 95 rooms total from the 1st to 10th floor.
  • 10 minutes by car from Miyako Airport.
  • Free parking
  • Items available for rent: yoga mats, pedometers, Juicepresso, rice cookers, irons, cots, baby fences, etc.

Let the Miyakojima experience really sink in on an extended stay

There's something special about this island – you can find it in the people, the streets, the ocean, and the air, drawing you closer and closer with every passing day and every visit you make. People who take regular trips to Wellness Villa Brisa always talk about that emotional pull, an attachment that keeps them coming back for more. Give your soul the refreshing holiday it deserves with an extended stay at Wellness Villa Brisa, where entering a world of relaxation is as easy as looking out over the expanses of rich, blue water and taking a deep, satisfying breath.

Making the most of an extended stay


Want to really know Miyakojima? Experience it firsthand

Although many experienced divers call the ocean surrounding Miyakojima the best diving environment they've ever been in, the island is about more than just its crystal-clear waters – guests can also enjoy carefree drives around the island, shoot rounds of golf on spectacular courses, soak in relaxing hot springs, and even set off on a voyage to see some of Okinawa's many exotic remote islands. Given the broad range of options that Miyakojima has to offer, an extended stay is the best way to see and experience the island the way you've always wanted to.

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Spend a Miyakojima night drinking, singing, and dancing to your heart's content

If you really want to live it up the Miyakojima way, catch a fun, low-key performance of authentic music on the sanshin – an Okinawan "banjo" that spins catchy melodies over light, danceable rhythms. Around Miyakojima, you'll be able to hear music, laughter, whistling, and jubilant cheers drifting our of popular night spots where the festive ambience gets everyone up and dancing. Ryukyu no Kaze, a lively destination at the resort, features free nightly live performances that are sure to show you just how contagious the fun can be.

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Settle into the comfortable Okinawan way of life

Wellness Villa Brisa is an ideal destination for a comfortable, at-home, and affordable extended stay in paradise. If you're looking for some of the most breathtaking views on Miyakojima, request a room on an upper floor; if you're planning on being out and about in a rent-a-car, a room on the first floor makes for quick, easy access.

Information available

CHECK IN 2:00 p.m. / CHECK OUT 11:00 a.m.
American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover Card, JCB, UnionPay
-Free coach service between the hotel and Miyako Airport
-Free passes to the outdoor pool at Hotel Breeze Bay Marina
-Special discounts at the Shigira Bay Country Club
-Special discounts at the Shigira Ougon Onsen (Natural Hot Spring)
-Complimentary transportation to locations throughout the resort


Towels, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, hair dryer, slippers, clotheslines, clothespins
TV, refrigerator, phone, air conditioner, kitchen, tableware, washing machine, microwave, hot water dispenser, in-room safe, Wi-Fi
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