A Warm New Year.

    The average temperature in January is 18°C (64°F).
    Enjoy the sunrise above the clear ocean at one of our restaurants, complete with a special menu for the new year. Starting the new year in a warm place is sure to be the start of a special year. Bring in the new year at Shigira Resort.


    An Early Spring.

    The cherry blossoms begin to bloom in February.
    Feel the winds from the crystal clear ocean on your face as you enjoy slow-moving island time here. You can experience an early spring together with Miyakojima’s many flowers and birds at Shigira Resort.

  • MARCH3

    Flowers Bloom and the Ocean Beckons.

    March is the bridge between spring and summer.
    The temperature begins to rise, which causes the flowers to bloom, and towards the end of the month, the ocean reaches a comfortable temperature for swimming. The wind still feels a little cool on your skin after a dip in the ocean. Take your time to enjoy your stay, together with sightseeing or other activities.

  • APRIL4

    The Pleasant Sunshine of Early Summer.

    April brings the early summer’s pleasant rays of sun.
    Miyakojima is blessed with a stable climate and no pesky hay fever. You can spend your time here comfortably. You can enjoy a wide variety of things to do, from various traditional events to sightseeing and other activities. We also offer options for extended stays.

  • MAY5

    The Earliest Summer.

    May brings weather meant for ocean swims.
    Even during the rainy season, it never rains for long on Miyakojima. The rain offers a resort experience with scenes that resembling glistening morning dew. You can spend your time among the great tropical outdoors.

  • JUNE6

    A Special Seat by the Sea.

    June brings a seemingly never-ending summer.
    The rainy seasons ends half way through June. The brilliantly sparkling sun beats down on the blue, transparent ocean. We offer many options that include marine activities to make the most of the summer. Enjoy a properly luxurious time from your special seat by the sea.

  • JULY7

    An Isolated Island of Endless Summer.

    July is the peak of the tourist season on Miyakojima.
    The season of the never-ending summer. You can thoroughly enjoy marine activities on this island, voted as having the most beautiful waters in Japan. The unspoiled landscape of this isolated island close to the sun is far away from the bustle of the big city. Enjoy your time by relaxing while wearing tropical clothing to fit the mood.


    Sparkling White Beaches.

    The ocean waters rise to nearly 30°C (86°F) in August.
    The beaches sparkle in pure white against the strong rays of the sun, and Shigira Resort is colored the many tropical flowers and gradations of blue in the sea and sky. Let your inner child loose during the day and enjoy marine activities, and later, enjoy an evening of tropical cocktails.


    Seaside Surrounded by Coral.

    September brings with it the warmest ocean waters of the year.
    This is the perfect season for marine activities. From snorkeling to ocean kayaking, you can enjoy the resort to the fullest together with the ocean. The Shigira Beach is a white sand beach surrounded by coral, giving you a private beach experience.


    Golf by the sea.

    October brings milder rays of sun.
    This October sun has only about half of the ultraviolet rays of summer, meaning you can enjoy golf or other outdoor activities at the resort among the great tropical outdoors without worrying about the sun. With summer gone, Miyakojima in this season takes on a relaxed mood, perfect for travel with friends or coworkers.


    The Quiet Passing of Time.

    The calm weather continues in November.
    The average temperature is about the same as the main Okinawan island in June, with the sun shining comfortably each day. This season is great for enjoying the golden colored natural outdoor onsen or seasonal foods. The unspoiled landscape of this isolated island close to the sun is far away from the bustle of the big city. Spend the time wearing tropical clothing to fit the mood.


    Illuminations Light the Sky.

    December brings a wide, illuminated sky.
    Even here on Miyakojima, with its never-ending summer and spring, there are many Christmas events. In addition to the gorgeous night sky, you can also enjoy the seasonal lights around the resort. Enjoy the wonderful island time here with friends.