Hotel Sea Breeze Casual 2017.11.20 GRAND OPENING

Enjoy a trip for two on the breezy Miyakojima.
Shigira Resort at
Hotel Sea Breeze Casual.

Your Trip With Your Partner
Should Be More Casual.

Shigira Resort's new hotel,
Hotel Sea Breeze Resort,
is opening on November 20th, 2017 on Miyakojima.
You and your partner will be welcomed by the endless blue sky
and beautiful translucent sea.
You will be thrilled to spend your vacation on Miyakojima.
Casually enjoy our resort,
where your vacation begins.

Make the Most of Your Time Together by Enjoying Miyakojima's Sea, Nature and Resort.

Miyakojima is about 300 km southwest of Okinawa's main island.
It's a beautiful resort island with a temperate climate year round.
You and your partner can enjoy your trip by enjoying Miyakojima's wide selection of fascinating activities including recreational water activities such as snorkeling and kayaking along with tours where you can experience the island's nature.

About 300 km southwest of Okinawa's main island.

Fueature : Sea Sea

Spend Time
by the Emerald Green Sea.

Miyakojima has many beautiful beaches and coasts.
Enjoy many recreational water activities at Shigira Beach,
including swimming with sea turtles and tropical fish
while snorkeling in the clear sea water.
Paddleboard (SUP) yoga is popular,
and lets you use your five senses to experience Miyakojima's nature.

Shigira Beach

Enjoy the feeling of a tropical resort while staying at a beach house standing on white sand. Snorkeling sets, parasols, chairs and a even a cabana can be rented.

Recommended Activities

  • Heartwarming Snorkeling Experience Tour
    Heartwarming Snorkeling Experience Tour

    Go snorkeling at the beautiful Shigira Beach.
    You may be able to see a sea turtle up close.

  • Bicycle Rental
    Bicycle Rental

    Take your time going around Miyakojima on an electric bike while experiencing the sun and sea.

  • SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga
    SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga

    You are close to the water surface and force is not used, so you can feel the nature of Miyakojima with your five senses.

Feature: Nature Nature

Experience calm and
untouched nature

The people of Miyakojima do not tamper
with much of the island's nature,
so here you can see birds and flowers
that aren't found in cities.
Make memories that only you and your partner
can share with the precious experience of
living as one with nature.
We recommend renting a car and driving
to each of the city's viewpoints.

Miyakojima's Trees, Flowers and Birds

Gajumaru trees overflowing with energy, colorful bougainvillea flowers along with tropical birds and plants welcome visitors.

Recommended Activities

  • Miyakojima Discovery Tour
    Miyakojima Discovery Tour

    This is the most popular Shigira Resort tour.
    A local guide will show you hidden spots.

  • Irabujima Discovery Tour
    Irabujima Discovery Tour

    A new Irabujima course has been added as an option to the popular Discovery Tour.

  • Nansei Rakuen Car Rental
    Nansei Rakuen Car Rental

    Drive around Miyakojima's viewpoints,
    while appreciating the emerald green sea.

Feature: Resort Resort

Enjoy Plenty of Leisure Activities and Food.

Play on the beach, relax in a hot spring
and treat yourself to delicious food.
Make the most of your casual trip
with over 50 activities and 18 restaurants.
You will be able to find something that
both of you can enjoy together.

Okinawan Cuisine

Okinawan dishes such as chanpuru (Okinawan stir-fry) and soki (stewed pork spare ribs) are served, as well as dishes that use goya (bitter melon), purple sweet potatoes and island leeks grown on Miyakojima.

Recommended Activities

  • Anti-Gravity (Aerial) Yoga
    Anti-Gravity (Aerial) Yoga

    This new style of fitness uses a hammock.
    Men are also welcome to participate.

  • Segway

    This next generation mode of transportation
    is simply controlled by your center of gravity.

  • Shigira Golden Hot Springs
    Shigira Golden Hot Springs

    This hot spring surrounded by greenery and flowers shows off Miyakojima's best scenery.
    You will have the finest relaxation in the amber-colored natural hot spring.

Recommended restaurants

  • Paikaji Food Stall Village
    Paikaji Food Stall Village

    You can enjoy Okinawan cuisine here,
    as well as a concert (free) every night that is a must-see.

  • Barbecue

    You and your partner can enjoy a fun barbecue
    under the comfortable southern sky!

  • Cafe & Pizza Stardust Garden
    Cafe & Pizza Stardust Garden

    This cafe has a panoramic view of the sea. The sweets made by the pâtissiers are superb.

Feature: Night Shigira at Night

Fireworks Light Up
the Night Sky
as the Day Comes to a Close.

After the sun goes down the evening breeze feels great.
Look back on the day's events at the ocean front bar.
Fireworks light up the night sky, bringing
your day to an end.
The dynamic water illusion will leave
a lasting impression in your heart.

Recommended Activities

  • Shigira Fireworks
    Shigira Fireworks

    Enjoy the fireworks in the night sky
    from the hotel or restaurants.

  • Shigira Water Illusion
    Shigira Water Illusion

    This water cannon is like fireworks.
    The water, light and art add color to the night.

  • Shigira Bar North 24
    Shigira Bar North 24

    While feeling the night breeze,
    enjoy cocktails at the resort.

Hotel InfoHotel Info About
Hotel Sea Breeze Casual

Casually stay at Shigira Resort's new hotel.
the pool and breakfast at the hotel during your trip.

Image of the Hotel
Image of the Hotel
Image of the Room
Image of the Room
Image of the Restaurant on the First Floor
Image of the Restaurant on the First Floor
Image of the Lounge on the Second Floor
Image of the Lounge on the Second Floor

Hotel Details

Hotel Name
Hotel Sea Breeze Casual
974-3 Uenomiyaguni, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa (10 minutes from Miyako Airport)
Adjoining Facilities
Breakfast (7:00AM-10:00AM)
For dinner, please dine at one of the restaurants in the resort
Television, telephone, safety box, refrigerator, electric pot, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi
Bath towels, face towels, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hand soap, razor, hairbrush, cotton amenity set, shower cap, hair dryer, dressing gown
・172 rooms in total
・Size - 23m²
・Twin rooms
・Non-smoking rooms
*The guests rooms in the hotel do not have an ocean view
*If you would like a crib or accessible (universal) room, please inquire at the hotel.
Available with no reservation. Parking is free of charge.
Shuttle Service
・Airport to hotel (provided periodically)
・A regularly scheduled bus runs inside the resort
Check-In / Check-Out
2:00PM / 11:00AM
* How to pay: At Shigira Resort, please pay when you check in to the hotel (if you have not paid in advance).
* Cancellation fee: 20% the day before, 80% the day of, 100% if you do not show


Take a flight approximately 3 hours from Tokyo
or 50 minutes from Okinawa's main island to experience another world.

How to Get to the Resort

Direct flight to Miyako Airport - 3 hours from Tokyo, 2 hours and 20 minutes from Osaka, 50 minutes from Naha

How to Get to Shigira Resort

Shuttle Bus

You can use the free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel.
You can also use the shuttle bus to get around the resort.

Exit the airport and cross the street. The bus stop will be on the left-hand side.

Shigira Resort Map

Shigira Resort Map
974-3 Uenoshinzato, Miyakojima-city, Okinawa (10 minutes from Miyako Airport) Google Map

Miyakojima's Temperature and Recommended Clothing

Miyakojima's Temperature and Recommended Clothing
Reserve a Room